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Distraction and the Climate Crisis

The real enemy

We are a distracted divine treat. It is an incredible wonder to be alive and it is so paradoxical to spend life scattered in small, miserable, imaginary situations. This is the human situation that produced the disaster in which we live, because when you are distracted, you lose the FEELING, and so you do not feel the other. You do not feel the cry of the species dying in the Amazon or those excluded from the system, or the aberrant climate situation that we created by not feeling the totality, for distraction.

The rush, the chaotic thinking, the continuous appeal of social networks, the screams of desire, the constant fanfare of excited emotions are a source of a continuous detachment of light. Of fragmented attention on many fronts and situations, which generates anxiety, hyperactivity, anguish and lack of discernment when making decisions. Decisions are automatically made by the parasitic mind, infected by the virus of frivolous opinions on social networks or fake news from friends or superficial conversations.

This inner turmoil depletes energy and disconnects us from the Meaning and the Source. We do not listen to the music and we run instead of dancing. Life becomes a conflict between what I am living and what my unconscious wants to live. In this chaos, we walk day after day, year after year, without purpose, with only material goals and trying in vain to control life, which is a sweet river that satisfies and gives us a fresh and perplexed gaze before the wonder. Which only presents itself before the stillness, the silent and conscious space.

Our Abuelitas from the Andes, our Masters of the mountains or of the Patagonian forests used to move slowly and precisely. Not troubling their words, breath or movements. In persistent full attention to what was coming. Humanity has always been exposed to the enemy of dispersion, but today it is an important part of the landscape, it is a resource of the essential capitalism. And we are bombarded from every angle with the proposal of agitation, superficiality and distraction; infantilizing us, creating confused and emotionally immature human beings. The divorce with the Essence that we are, exposes us to an insatiable desire for the external.

The Mística Andina propose you to explore the ancient Andean gesture of full attention and clear understanding, as a faculty to cultivate. This factor is essential, as a cure for the psychological wounds coming from inattentive parents or asleep and mechanical teachers, and from a life of seeking distraction, without feeling or perceiving who we are. The key point of all life is to sustain attention to the sensitivity of the expanded Heart. And continuously attentive: I breathe in consciously, I breathe out consciously, I take this step attentively, I take another step attentively, I hug my friend attentively, I talk attentively, I sleep attentively, I feel attentively, I silence my useless word attentively, I am attentive of the restlessness of the superficial mind, I receive sadness with affection.

This flame of attention is elusive; it occurs from the Consciousness and not from the muscles. Attention to breathing is the starting point and the return point when facing dispersion. We call this practice: meditation in action. Not everything happens sitting down and quiet, but rather in everyday life, slowing down to be able to be aware of what we are doing, feeling the Holy Breath of Pachamama in the axis of action. Pachamama, the Holy Land, breathes us, giving us Vital Essence and energy. So, we keep the creative and intelligent flow, being a flame of life and not just zombies chasing little colorful mirrors.

When we learn to feel the breath, we expand the light of conscious attention to the body, posture and surroundings. Observing and feeling the body in the body of Life. Sense perception remains at the service of conscious attention, and we learn to live in the consciousness of consciousness, this deep and dark Nothingness that nourishes us with its Infinite Tenderness and cleans our inner gaze, to receive the poetry of self-knowledge. The angel of the Presence dances amidst our hair, the flower smiles as we pass, as we smile at her, feeling that there are not two, but this One without two. Keeping the lamp of attention in continuous wakefulness, Life ceases to be linear and becomes what it IS, a paradise adrift, a beautiful song that fills the jar with resonances and understanding.

Andean Masters

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