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Initiatic Course 
Power Animals

Awaken Your Wild Being

With Rama Flores and Kristiano Aguilar

The contemporary world has parted us from the Tree of Life. We have lost the essential bond with our animality. The Andean ancestorship can help us revive our magical potential to awaken the mystery, the astonishment in our lives.

The Initiation is a poetic process of death and resurrection, of leaving behind the old and to recognize us anew. When we receive our sacred animals, a sensitivity practice begins and completes our being, filling it with telluric energy, dissipating the distance with the creating force of life.

To feel the Tonal and Nagual in you is to allow a profound transformation that will impact on your decisions, connecting you with the courage, the daring, the creativity, and the vision.

The course will be held in 3 live Zoom meetings on the 11th, 12 th and17th january, at 9pm CET.

The recording of the live classes will be available for the initiates for 40 days. During this period, the students will be accompanied in their practices of reintegration of their power animals by the facilitators of the experience.

The contribution is of USD 50.

This fee corresponds to the conduction and follow-up of the practice that consists of:

- Initiatic Course on Power Animals, through live Zoom meetings, in 3 one-hour sessions, approximately;
-  Interview and Orientation about the perception of the energetic body;
- Virtual and energetic Accompaniment for 40 days to anchor your power animals;
- E-book with course content, available right after the Initiation to anchor the power animals;
- Bonus: the participants will gain access to an Andean Yoga class, conducted by Rama Flores, with a guided meditation to call the power animals.

To subscribe and pay, please fill in the form here:

Once your subscription is confirmed, we will contact you to schedule your individual Interview before the course’s first meeting.

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Rama Flores is a guide of the Ayllu Mística Andina and an activist of the Nación Pachamama movement. A healer of Andean tradition, he coordinates the Qeros Nation Project of the NGO Pachamama, facilitating courses and workshops on eco-spirituality and Well living.


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Kristiano Puma Aguilar is kuraca of the Ayllu Mística Andina and an activist of the Nación Pachamama movement. An initiate on Andean magic, he applies his knowledge to the service of his community, providing spiritual guidance and teachings in the path of the warrior

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