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Image by Ze Paulo Gasparotto
21 Days

A journey, a fraternity of heroes and fruits spread on the table, an exceptional treat for the adventure your Soul has longed for.



This is the new and eagerly awaited 41st edition of the 21 days alchemical transformation practice of the Andean Solar School, which continues demonstrating over the years its power for personal transformation, reversal of negative states of emotions and thoughts, and comes in this dark and difficult time, as a gift for the bold and intelligent. This is not a marketing product, it is a revelation of the secrets to Live Well, from the Andean Grandfathers and Grandmothers, so you can begin to dream a Life of Sacred Adventure.


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What is the
21 Days Practice?

A change of look through
an Andean Initiation,
simple and profound


Why 21 Day Practice?

The 21 days practice is a change of look, through an andean initiation, carefully translated to the current reality, and redesigned maintaining its Andean, simple, profound essence…


The 21 days practice is a rebirth of the heart, of making the mind lighter and quieter and detoxing the body and feeling Life.


The Andean masters come to your life, dance with your soul so you blossom… and receive the living water of affection to drink, the vital mood and the poetic guide to enjoy the present moment. The practice happens twice a year, and in each edition we have a new subject, bringing the freshness of this wonderful moment!

What will
you find?

Image by Ze Paulo Gasparotto

Digital Book

Participating online, you will receive a Digital Book that brings 21 days of possibilities to experience a period of intense understanding and acceptance of what life brings at each moment. In this book will be instructions on how the Practice will be carried out.



Weekly Follow-up
with Andean Masters

Every 7 days you can send a report of how the practice is going, the Andean Masters will help you on this journey and you can freely ask questions in the members area.


PDF Recipe Book

To facilitate physical and energetic cleanses and physical invigoration, there will be a cookbook and food recommendations.




Bonus: Selection of special music and guided meditation

In addition to the practice, you will find a recorded meditation to be performed with eyes closed and heart smiling.

To make the practice light and deep, there will be a playlist selected especially for that theme.



Image by Aswin Raj

Class with energy exercise (kriya) on video

In this practice there will be a demonstration of an exercise to be performed.





With the guidance of a handbook, you will practice in your daily routine. The digital handbook is simple, poetic and clear and is divided in two parts: one of orientations, that will slowly take you to feel this new universe inside you.


There are texts with suggestions of activities, exercises, kriyas, alimentary recommendations, feelings and energetic and emotional cleansing. And another part that will give you a daily orientation, based on the first part.


For 21 days, thousands of practitioners throughout the world connect to this sensitive network. The journey, even though each person make it in their daily life, is collective, intimate and aimed to the subtle changes.




The practice happens where the practitioner is! The proposal of the 21 days is done inside the daily life revealing the spiritual epopee, the sensitive look in the most ordinary moments.






Image by Ze Paulo Gasparotto
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Download the songs and the guided meditation to your computer, mobile or tablet.


​• Daily reading.

• Meditation practice.

• The book has 150 pages

• Kriya Yoga exercise, that will help you to open the heart and bathe your body with refined energy.
• A differentiated alimentation is recommended: natural and with less toxins, that each one realizes according with their possibility, being only and indication for the bodies to detox.
• A playlist of songs with a guided meditation and songs to be listened to during the days of Practice.
• Individual follow-up.

•Bonus: Video with energetic exercise class (Kriya)

Subscriptions closed
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